A Smart Home Assistant That Understands Your Preferences

TrensAI empowers smart devices such as TVs to achieve bilateral human-machine voice and visual interactions, it is on standby 24/7 and is capable of real-time intelligent responses. It is a smart home assistant comprised of TrensAI VOICE, TrensAI AOD and TrensAI EYE.

An AI-enabled Interactive Solution by SKYWORTH

TrensAI VOICE empowers smart devices such as SKYWORTH TVs to achieve full-time voice interaction and real-time intelligent responses. In addition to controlling TVs and Swaiot smart devices, it can also enable various Internet lifestyle service. TrensAI VOICE has the advantage of end-to-end core technologies – from “microphone array sound reception and voice recognition to semantic understanding and intelligent response, achieving better voice interaction experience: 10m 180° pickup, 99.9% wake-up rate, 96hrs/occurrence false wake-up rate.

Microphone Array Sound Reception

Ultra-small microphone array, vacuum cotton of strictly con-trolled air tightness, and hardware playback and acoustic echo cancelling technology

Voice Recognition

Voice cloud, self-developed voice wake-up model by SKYWORTH, smart self-learning and self-evolution

Semantic Understanding

Aggregation of Chinese databases of all networks, self-developed AIoT database by SKYWORTH

Intelligent Response

Resource cooperation of all networks, Coocaa resources and service capabilities

TrensAI AOD™ is a smart display screen with Always-On-Display (AOD) function. It uses a secondary screen or a partially luminous OLED screen to display information such as time, date, weather, loT device status, memos, and music, which makes information access more efficient. SKYWORTH W81 Series Wallpaper OLED TV has the world’s first AOD DUAL. In addition to OLED big-screen AOD, the TV is also equipped with a 21-inch pop-up secondary screen and two inter-operated AOD screens to accommodate more application scenes.

High Light Intake Pop-up AI Camera

TrensAI EYE™ is an AI camera built into smart devices such as SKYWORTH TVs. It has real-time “visual perception” capability, achieving real-time recognition of intelligent scenarios, and enabling photo-taking and video calls functions from the big screen. SKYWORTH Q80 series is the world’s first smart TV with a built-in pop-up AI camera, taking the lead in the industry. The built-in AI camera has now become the standard of high-end smart TVs.


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