A Network Interconnects Everything on A Click

Swaiot is the big-screen AIoT ecosystem of SKYWORTH and the world’s first big-screen AloT ecosystem. Offering smart home scenario solutions via Swaiot, SKYWORTH takes the lead in transforming TVs into intelligent hubs for interconnected devices at smart homes. Swaiot has three core technological advantages, namely, one-click network connection, smooth concurrent responses, and real-time status synchronization. Swaiot smart devices have covered the main application scenarios of households and supports the interconnection of a massive amount of smart home appliances across brands and product categories. As of March 2020, Swaiot is compatible with more than 20 million smart devices and appliances across more than 60 different product categories. SKYWORTH has also partnered with Midea, JD.com and Huawei to create a more connected cloud platform that supports AIoT. This enables interoperability across brands and products, providing optimal coverage for the main application scenarios of households.

One-click Network Connection

SKYWORTH patent (patent no. 201910146855.8) allows new devices to join the Swaiot ecosystem easily just by one click.


Smooth Concurrent Responses

SKYWORTH pioneered in the development of an AIoT cloud platform. Swaiot cloud supports tens of millions of concurrent and smooth communications. The whole process from voice command to device response and status feedback takes only 0.5 seconds.

Real-time Status Synchronization

SKYWORTH optimizes and adjusts the kernel-level parameters in the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), enabling Swaiot smart devices to synchronise online and offline statuses almost in real time (within 5 seconds).


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