SKYWORTH ALS Ambient Light Sensor Self-adjusting brightness and color temperature, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.

Thanks to the Anti-Blue Light Technology pioneered by SKYWORTH, Blue LED is customized to shift the peak position of harmful blue light from 450nm to 460nm, significantly reducing harmful (415~455nm band) blue light from the light source.

A more advanced ambient light sensor

With a more advanced ambient light sensor, the RGB tristimulus value can be detected in real time (while the ordinary ambient light sensor can only detect the level of illuminance), which is equivalent to obtaining the original data of the environmental illuminance and color temperature.

A professional ambient light simulation laboratory

SKYWORTH established a professional ambient light simulation laboratory, enabling lab technicians to accurately simulate different environments, collecting hundreds of sample indicators as a benchmark, and customizing the mapping model of RGB tristimulus values to ensure that real and accurate ambient light data is obtained and recorded.

Industry-recognized eye protection certification standards

With reference to industry-recognized eye protection certification standards, SKYWORTH configured the optimal picture brightness and color temperature for different illuminance and color temperatures, creating a safer viewing experience for users. This is easily and accurately achieved thanks to SKYWORTH 30+ PQ TUNING.

Anti-Blue Light Technology

SKYWORTH AUDIO GLASS SOUNDTM is a new type of acoustics technology introduced by SKYWORTH. It uses a whole sheet of glass as the diaphragm and distributes several electromagnetic drivers evenly across the glass, causing it to vibrate and produce sounds. Sound waves are produced by the entire surface rather than at individual points. This shift ensures a clear sound transmission and an evenly distributed sound field. The technology reproduces the sounds of live scenes so that users can enjoy the best sound experience anywhere in the room.

OLED Non-Harmful Blue Light

SKYWROTH is the pioneer of next-generation OLED display technology. The self-luminous OLED pixels do not require the use of back lights. SKYWORTH’s organic light-emitting materials greatly reduce the intensity of blue light, and is controlled between 415 to 455nm, while that of OLED blue light is controlled between 460 to 480nm to ensure the emission of natural and non-harmful blue light.

Flicker-free DC Backlight Technology

Skyworth’s flicker-free DC backlight technology eliminates flickering on LCD TVs, helping to relieve eyestrain and fatigue. Adopting the new generation of DC dimming, TV backlight brightness is adjusted by varying the DC current supplied to the circuit of the screen. When the TV backlight brightness is constant, the current remains unchanged; and when the TV backlight brightness changes, the current changes consecutively. This avoids flickering that happens while switching the backlight on and off at high speeds using PWM Dimming in traditional LCD TV’s, achieving a smooth screen brightness adjustment. Together with the module adjustment technology and the processing capability of the picture quality chip, true colors are restored accurately and the eye health of users is protected.

Ordinary PWM Dimming

Ordinary LCD TV: Adopts the PWM (pulse-width modulation) Dimming; the screen brightness is adjusted by switching the backlight on and off alternately.

Flicker-free DC Dimming

Flicker-free TV: Adopts DC Dimming; the screen brightness is adjusted by varying the DC current supplied to the circuit of the screen.


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